Pay a visit to coconut candy factory in Mekong Delta tour

Not only does it have the tropical climate but Mekong Delta also has the breathtaking landscapes, to say nothing of the special floating lifestyle of the locals, coconut candy factory, crocodile farm, honey island. Why don’t you refresh yourself with a tour to Mekong Delta, and then you for sure have a unique experience, and learn a process of making candy from coconut?

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Visiting the coconut candy factory with Kimtravel TourCoconut candy was considered gifts for neighbors in festival times. It has become famous and exported to many countries all over the world. Thanks to its sweet, tropical flavor, coconut blends itself very well to a vast array of candy recipes. The main ingredients of coconut candy are coconut milk, sugar and maltose, but the more important thing is the experience that decides the typical flavor of the candies. Add to this, they can have some other toppings like durian, peanuts, chocolate, milk, pandan leaf juice… to make various kinds of coconut candies. Each of them brings the candy with a typical flavor but retains the basic taste of coconut candy.

When visiting the coconut candy factory in Ben Tre and joining in the workshops, tourists can have an opportunity to watch the process of making a small bar of sticky coconut candy from top to toe, to say nothing of enjoying hot pieces of sweet and greasy coconut candies.

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Having the first-hand experience of making coconut candies

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Here is the process of making coconut candy:

  • Take the coconut meat from the shell of a brown coconut.
  • Extract coconut milk from coconut meat.
  • Add other flavors like durian, pandan leaf juice, chocolate… to coconut milk if needed.
  • Cook the mix of coconut milk for about 30 minutes. During this step, the cook has to stir the mixture continuously to make sure it does not turn hard. In some factories, it is equipped with a special machine to stir the mix until it turns thick.
  • Pour the mix in a mold covered by a thin layer of coconut oil.
  • Cut thickened mix into pieces of coconut candies. Wrap pieces of coconut candies in thin rice paper and cover again by paper before putting in boxes or plastic bags.

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The most important step of making coconut candies

The flavor as soft and sweet coconut candies will linger on the tip of your tongue, reminding you of Ben Tre – the land of green coconut trees.


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