It is worth paying a visit to Mekong Delta you should know when travelling to Vietnam “Completely focused around the water, shows you a way of life that has continued unchanged for hundreds of years. You’ll see fruit orchards, rice paddies and floating markets- every inch is filled with life.” In Southern Vietnam, the River...
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Places within traveling distance of Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam   Romantically referred to by the French as the Pearl of the Orient, Ho Chi Minh City today is a super-charged city of sensory overload. Motorbikes zoom day and night along the wide boulevards, through the narrow back alleys and past vendors pushing handcarts...
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Top attractions you definitely visit in Mekong Delta you should know when travelling to Vietnam   The Mekong Delta is a destination like no other. Innumerable rivers, canals, tributaries, and rivulets overflow with fish, and the rich alluvial soil helps produce an abundance of rice, fruit, and vegetables. Lush tropical orchards, floating markets, quaint towns,...
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