Coming up with a plan to Mekong Delta

Not only does it have the tropical climate but Mekong Delta also has the breathtaking landscapes, to say nothing of the special floating lifestyle of the locals. Why do not you refresh yourself with a tour to Mekong Delta, and then you for sure have a unique experience.

Descending from the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River runs through China’s Yunnan province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam before it goes all the ways to the South China Sea. The region is known as Cuu Long in Vietnamese, meaning “Nine Dragons” because it separated off into nine smaller branches of Mekong River. The river carries fertile soil which created the delta and be still in the process of expansion. There is no doubt that the Mekong Delta is a destination like no others.


Mekong Delta, the so-called Western region of Vietnam, is mostly known for its fertile rice growing conditions, past the rolling paddy fields and endless charm to discover. Paying a visit to Mekong Delta is so unforgettable a memory because of the region’s diversity. You will catch sight of picturesque scenes like children riding on the backs of water buffalo or cycling to school through countryside lanes, rice workers stooping in a sea of emerald, market vendors grinning behind stacks of fruit, bright yellow incense sticks drying at the roadside, flocks of storks circling over a sanctuary at dusk, locals scampering over monkey bridges or rowing boats on the delta’s maze of channels.


Dotting the endless fields of rice paddies, farmers in conical hats evoke the classic image of Vietnam. It is very plausible to say that Mekong Delta area is known as the rice basket of Vietnam. It is now the world’s third largest exporter of rice. In terms of animals living in Mekong Delta, the river has made it a kingdom of birds, crocodiles, and amazing biodiversity. Not surprisingly, this area of the country is also famous for the main supplier of tropical fruits.

Interestingly, residents are so flexible by adapting themselves to such an amount of water by coming up with floating houses and floating markets. They are basically houses and shops where people live in without going offshore much. Because of this floating lifestyle, Mekong Delta has intrigued not only foreigners but also local travelers who have never seen before.


Undoubtedly, not only do travelers relax after burning their midnight oil working but they also broaden their horizons with new cultures and make new friends. Choosing to visit Mekong Delta means you are giving yourselves a chance to experience the authentic lives of locals on the river. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city where having the traffic noise and incessant honking of motorbikes and cars, the smiling locals and the peaceful atmosphere always welcome you.

What may interest you in Mekong Delta

  1. Experience the authentic floating life on the river

It is plausible to say that making plans to Mekong Delta without going to floating market and rowing on the sampan along the labyrinthine of small canals is not perfect. You will for sure feel great awe for the smooth performances of traders juggling fruits boat to boat. Houses are built on stilts in order to withstand the floods and monsoon that happen regularly. There are many floating market in this area, but the most prominent one that stand outs into everyone’s mind is Cai Rang floating market.

  1. Enjoy a wide variety of local foods

When paying a visit to a new place, tourists are always interested in specialties there. A dozen different kinds of tropical fruits like longan, rambutan, jackfruit, star apple, coconut, dragon fruit, durian…will for definite satisfy your appetite for fruits, even have a try to many exotic ones. There are over a dozen towns in the delta, and then each of them also has special foods. It is not easy to recommend you what you should in the Mekong Delta. If I have to make a choice, you can have a try to some best dishes in specific towns as follows.

  • Sa Dec or My Tho noodle soup- Hu Tieu Sa Dec
  • Vietnamese pancake- Banh xeo
  • Salted fish hot pot- Lau mam
  • Pia cake- Banh Pia
  • Rat meat- thit chuot
  • Mud carp fish hot pot- Lau ca linh
  • Coconut worm- Duong dua
  1. Paying a visit to the most famous temples in Mekong Delta:
  • Vinh Trang temple, Tien Giang province
  • Truc Lam Phuong Nam temple, Can Tho province
  • Doi temple, Soc Trang province
  • Kh’leang temple, Soc Trang province
  • Khmer Pothisomron temple, Can Tho province
  • Phat Lon temple, An Giang province
  1. Bird watching
  2. Swim in the swamps


When you should have a plan to visit Mekong Delta

I have to say that the weather in this area is pleasant for most of the year, and thus at any time of the year you still have opportunities to enjoy the interesting things in specific season. May to August in Vietnam is the season for many fruits to grow, and for sure you can try fresh fruits there. September to December is the rainy season with lots of floods


How to reach the destination

There are three common ways to go to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city:

  1. By bus: there are many bus companies running this route, some of them that I would like to recommend is Phuong Trang and Thanh Buoi operators. You can visit their websites to book tickets or go to their office to buy tickets in person.
  2. By car: if you have a group of people, going by car is a good option.
  3. By motorbike: you know, Vietnam is the second biggest amount of motorbikes, you are not used to the traffic in Vietnam, and thus I do not recommend to ride a motorbike because it is quite dangerous.


If you want to Explore Mekong Delta in 1 or 2 days, I will recommend you to book a tour at any tour operators( KIM TRAVEL). It will be easier and smoother because they make all travel arrangements for you. Also, they can tailor a tour to meet your need in terms of your schedule, your budget and your travel style.


What will leave in your mind after the trip to Mekong Delta? I have to say that they have to be yummy food, exotic and fascinating fruits, welcoming and smiling people, breathtaking views and landscapes. Let get started to make plans to have a visit to Mekong Delta.

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